Everyone loves drone racing
After receiving some enquiries about fun activities for young adults and students we came up with this exciting event for those groups who just want to have fun.  
It’s Drone Relay Racing!  This is a great activity for large groups of people where teams use both visual and electronic video to navigate a drone through an obstacle course, one lap at a time, land back at base and hand the controls to a team mate.  Lap times are recorded and compared at the end of the event.  
  • We set up an indoor obstacle course
  • Divide the participants into groups for example ( 7 groups of 5)
  • Each group gets a drone and an Ipad that we station on a table that is used as the landing pad or the “pits”
  • These drones are small and safe and very stable and easy to control
  • The first hour or so, depending on the available time, the group members take turns familiarising themselves with the controls and the obstacle course by flying the course and landing back at the landing pad
  • Once everyone feels comfortable and confident we start the official relay race where each team member gets to fly one or more laps on the course.  Each team will manage their own strategy and will record the lap times of their pilots. Each team work at their own pace during the course of the event
  • The pilots can either fly using the visuals on their screens like a remote piloted vehicle or they can walk around the course and navigate the course visually
  • At the end of the event, everyone compares times.