Real Estate Videography

Real Estate videos are quickly becoming a key marketing component when advertising homes and property, especially if you consider how much emotion is behind the purchase. We understands that you need to stand-out-from-the-crowd and we use the latest ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION 4K HDR technology to bring you true-to-life colour and realism for maximum impact that doesn’t cost the earth. Once someone becomes emotionally attached to a property the hard work is over for the agent and some listings are all about emotion so spending some extra money on quality marketing is a safe investment.
With a housing market that looks to remain pretty stagnant 2019 thru 2020 it will be increasingly important to put your best-foot-forward from the gate and pulling the emotional heart-strings is a reliable way to secure a sale. Getting photos done is considered essential or ‘the norm’ when selling a house or property but a video might be considered extravagant but if you’re up against a properties that do then it becomes increasingly hard. New technologies and techniques allow us to offer HIGH QUALITY MEDIA at much lower costs than would have been possible a few years ago and that means it is easier for everyone. We will see the normalisation of video marketing for real estate over the coming years and will be something that separates success from failure.
We tailor the videos to suit the unique characteristics of the property and we can really emphasise the best aspects of the property. Videos are edited to music and are designed to be down-to-earth and free from the cheesy gimmicks and cliche. We will showcase your listing and assist you in obtaining the highest possible price for your property.
We are always looking for new and exciting projects.

Advertising and Promotional Videography

Promotional Videos can help to solidify you or your brand and make you standout from your competitors but only when executed correctly. We avoid the gimmicks and cliche to deliver contemporary cutting edge media that resonates with the desired target and will stand the tests of time. We work with businesses of all sizes to help them step into the 21st Century and embrace the powerful new media options that are just a click away. Digital media creation is a very dynamic industry and early adopters are usually rewarded.
We do Corporate Events, Fundraisers, Private Functions, Birthday Parties, Anniversaries and even sporting competitions such as Triathlons or Marathons. The list is always growing and we are always enthusiastic to take on new work. We can even do Wedding Videos or Pre-Wedding Videos that people will actually enjoy watching and won’t put your family to sleep. We are not wedding photographers but sometimes wedding photographers don’t want to do videos and we don’t want you to miss out so as long as your photographer is comfortable with us working along side them, then we can shoot, edit and deliver you a memorable wedding video that isn’t a major “bore-fest”.
We are always looking for new and exciting projects.

Maintenance and Asset Inspection

The future of asset management
UAV/RPAS offer great advantages in some situations and we have access to a wide range of different tools that can help you get a better perspective of the situation. We can access places that were once considered too hard, too expensive or too dangerous. We carry full UAV/RPAS Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) and we are currently working towards our Remote Operators Certificate (ReOC) to allow us to carry out larger more complex tasks. We are available to contract our services out and work under your ReOC if you are already authorised by CASA.
The benefits of UAV/RPAS can be realised by businesses of all sizes and average homeowners alike. Whether we are checking the solar panels or gutters on the roof of a family home or inspecting large commercial structures we bring the same knowledge and professionalism. We cover a wide range of applications;
House and Property Inspections
Asset Inspection
Security and Surveillance
Search and Rescue
Insurance & Damage Assessment
The world of UAV/RPAS is always changing and the list of applications is always growing but we enjoy taking on new challenges and getting the most of technology available. We will always use the most cost effective method to get the job done.