“Just two guys passionate about teaching”
oh, and loving everything about drones and technology!
Dan Ey
Dan is our qualified and very competent UAV instructor.  Dan has been flying and training new UAV pilots for three years and in his spare time teaches drone coding and technology at various schools on the sunshine coast. 
For technical enquiries and enquiries regarding the training and the curriculum, please feel free to contact him.
Email: dan@dronecoding.com.au
Martin Koorts
Martin is currently working full-time as an IT manager with an engineering and construction company here in Queensland. In his spare time he loves flying radio controlled aircraft and is also an RC instructor on fixed wind RC models. 
Martin handles the business relations and marketing for the brand new Dronecoding initiative here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. 
Email: martin@dronecoding.com.au
If you are interested in teaching, training and technology or you are a “drone guru” or instructor and think you can attribute to this cause, please contact Martin as he would be please to chat with you.