1 June 2019


Dear principal and teachers


We have started a new drone training and coding initiative here in the beautiful Sunshine Coast.  In partnership with Alexandra Park Conference Centre we provide all primary schools with an intensive, cutting edge program for both students and teachers.


Give your School the edge and attract more students


The ‘Queensland Drones Strategy’ encourages the use of drones in implementing the Australian Curriculum and that is exactly what we provide:


  • We show teachers how they can transform STEM learning
  • How to increase students’ engagement in STEM learning
  • How to program a drone
  • How problem solving can make every subject a fun and engaging experience for all


The kids learn how to:


  • Communicate and think
  • Work in teams
  • Develop solutions and do problem solving
  • Gain hands-on experience with control, mechanics, sensors, motors, construction, programming and modelling opportunities
  • Learn how to code and familiarize themselves with programming


Please see this link to the Queensland drone strategy consultation paper:



Government funding available


The Australian government also has a funding program that helps primary schools to access the resources they need and forge new partnerships to ensure STEM learning is as active and engaging as possible.  See the link here:












Information on our course


Please note that this course can be custom tailored per school.  Our qualified instructor consults with the teacher to determine the level of competency of the students and then adjusts the course material in order to provide schools with the most comprehensive training possible.  This allows the school to tick all the boxes in the current curriculum. This is a very exciting course and will keep the kids engaged and interested throughout the training. All the equipment (drones, Ipads, software) is provided and everyone gets to fly and program their drones on various missions.

This two day course is presented at Alexandra Park Conference Centre and follows these general guidelines:

Day One


Introduction to UAVs and RPAS

Rules and regulations

History and evolution of multi-rotor aircraft

Future of UAV’s

Practical demonstration of a selection of modern UAVS


Piloting UAVs and RPAS (drones, Ipads and software provided)

Familiarisation with FPV Goggles and Controllers

Students get hands-on experience with UAV flying


Introduction to coding ( Part 1)

Modern software introduction

Introduction to Scratch

Introduction to Droneblocks

Take-off and landing programming


Day two


Introduction to coding (Part 2)

I do, you do, we do

Programming missions

Automated and manual flight programming


Coding practical tasks (Part 1)

Delivery systems

Search and rescue



Coding practical tasks (Part 2)

Presentation of solutions and open forum discussion


Equipment hire and in-school training


Depending on your requirements, we can also assist you in formulating your own programs and supplying you with the equipment needed to facilitate this in your own classrooms. .


This course is affordable and fun

Please enquire here for more information on this course.